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At the 2022 online sessions of the IARR it became clear that friendship oriented papers were a little scattered about the conference themes, and likewise are far and few in between the loneliness oriented sessions. As people then requested each other emails and contact details I thought it might be nice to at least provide pointers to friendship oriented researchers as well as link to their main papers.

In due time it would be nice to grow this to a once a month newsletter.

The trail blazers

Rosemary Blieszner | College of Architecture, Arts, and Design | Virginia Tech (
Adult and old age friendship
Amongst others: Adult friendship (Book)
More recently 2019 Friendship in Later Life: A Research Agenda | Innovation in Aging | Oxford Academic (

Rebecca Adams (personal website not available)
Adult and old age friendship
Older Adult friendship (Sage) and above

Suzanne Degges-White – NIU – Department of Counseling and Higher Education
Female friendship, toxic friendship
Friends Forever: How Girls and Women Forge Lasting Relationships – Lifetime Connections (

Sarah Matthews
Adult and old age friendship
Friendship through the life course (1986)

Liz Spencer (em.) and Ray Pahl (dec.)
Rethinking Friendship | Princeton University Press

The recent or not so recent professors

Jeffrey (A) Hall (Jeffrey Hall | CRIG (
Three landmark papers on sex differences in expectations of friendships, friendship standards and the time it takes to build a friendship

Alexander Nehamas (Alexander Nehamas (
Philosophy of friendship
On Friendship by Alexander Nehamas | Basic Books

Geoffrey Greif (Geoff Greif – University of Maryland, Baltimore (
Communication studies, male friendship
The buddy system

Harry Blatterer (Harry Blatterer — Macquarie University (
Sociology of friendship
Friendship | Brill (translation of Alberoni’s l Amicizie)

Menelaos Apostolou ( Professor Menelaos Apostolou – University of Nicosia (
Motivations and incentives in friendship forming

Lorraine Smith Pangle
Aristotle & Classical friendship
Aristotle and the philosophy of friendship

Robin Dunbar
Dunbar number, support circle, relationship management

Recent or not so recent researcher & postdocs

Miriam Kirmayer
Friendship creation and dissolution in emerging adults

Mary Kempnich
Social networks of friends

Tamara Bouwman
Online friendship course
Loneliness Interventions

New people

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