EN: Friendship Personality Test and Inventory

The Friendship Framework from practicalfriendship.com

The new version of the Friendship Personality Test is now online. It addresses the key elements of the Friendship Framework as shown in the graph above.


This currently comes in one long form of 105 Likert questions where you essentially choose to Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree or Strongly Agree with a specific statement. It also has a few general questions for test navigation and demographics.

This will for you or for a friend of yours measure the extent of your 12 friendship personality strengths, 12 friendship relationship attitudes and 12 friendship activity preferences, before combining them all to a role that you mean to your friends or that a specific friend means to you.

It can be filled out in about 8-12 minutes, both on computer as well as smart phone, indeed don’t take longer as you should not think too much when filling it out and just trust your gut instinct and first impulse.

The individual friendship types featuring in this test are explained here

Accompanying the Test is the Friendship Inventory. This is designed to capture both your results from the self test, the type information you get for your close friends and the type feedback you get from them for yourself. It is not meant to be filled out in one go, but over time, so something to print and put into the diary.

Friendship Personality Test – the Companion Guide
Alternatively you can get the all on paper (i.e. PDF) by downloading the Companion Guide.

NOTE: This is not the friendship survey, which is a much longer questionnaire with relatively complex questions, that doesn’t give a result but hopefully provides the data on friendship practices for my book. This one is still open, and if you answer it you will have me pay 10 EUR to the charity Deworm the world, as is all explained on the ribbon Friendship Survey.