Friendship Profile

The friendship profile, which you can create for yourself with the questionnaire at is the combination of three sets of data:

  1. A set of questions what is important to you about your friends when you select them / make new friends. It basically measures what friendships need loves you require to be happy.
  2. A set of questions how your friends perceive you as a friend and how you would like to be perceived. It basically measures what friendship gift loves you are best at providing/speaking/giving.
  3. A really detailed list of hobbies, pastimes and interests so that you can be really specific

In the process of this questionnaire you get assigned two numbers – a public ID and an authentication code. The public ID you can share with anyone, and they can request from the website a matching score with you and their own profile. The Authentication code is tied to your public ID, and no action can be taken without it. This is to prevent for third parties to just pick two public IDs and request their matching scores or register anyone else for lunch roulettes, buddy systems, etc.

Currently the whole thing is built with maximum anonymity, no ifs, no buts, even though I think the data is secure (in the sense it is built on a platform called Limesurvey which a sizeable number of German University use for GDPR compliant survey hosting for research).

The official Site for the various services is