FS Matching

Once the friendship profile is done, it can be used for computing matching scores.

The link to do so is here : http://Registration.friendshiptest.net

You can match directly by obtaining someones PublicID, and then requesting the matching score bilaterally. This will tell you whether there is potential for a friendship with that person (there always is, if people are willing). Potential in the sense that you two match each others – potentially differing – expectations for good friendship, and that you start with a good basis of common interests, hobbies or pastimes.

The second option is to register your PublicID with a buddy system, lunch roulette, event organisation or similar, and once other people with a very high matching score register in there, both of you get a message suggesting you to contact each other.

For a list of organisations and services please look at http://lunchroulette.practicalfriendship.com