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Dr. Christian Langkamp
Am Bilderstock 10, 41352 Korschenbroich, Germany

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Background & Status to the study:
Currently I am a private researcher preparing this project in a sabbatical from my daytime job at BASF SE. I am attached as a visiting academic to the Institute of Population Ageing, University at Oxford, until 30th Sep 2021. From 1st October 2021 I will return to Ludwigshafen to resume my work for BASF SE.

Update July 2021 German version is online, and both Ebooks are submitted in English and German. I am looking for a stable publisher for the print versions.

Update May 2021: With version 0.87 the book got an extra edit and reformat and is now online. German version to follow in a few weeks.

Update April 2021: The book is now done and can be downloaded for reading in a pre-proof version.

Update March 2020: Given the changed habits of people due to the Corona Virus Lockdowns I stopped now the general survey at 150 completed responses.

Update Feb 2020: I have now 142 responses to the main personality questionnaire and (only) 45 to the bilateral relationship one, allowing me to start on the analysis.

Update Dec 2019: I have been accepted as a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford, Institute of Population Aging for the academic year 2020/2021 and will then take a sabbatical to dedicate to this project. I will self fund myself during this year from savings.