The Book

As of March 2021 and two further lockdowns in Oxford now gone, the book took shape. It is now a resource-textbook on friendship, what defines it and how we can maintain it. Here is the front and the back cover.

Book download

The PDF version can be downloaded below for free.

This is for all intents and purposes the final version, pending some feedback. I actually don’t expect greater changes, but however want to wait for it until I finalize it for the official print run.
I am also in the (very slow and tedious) process of trying to find a publisher interested in publishing the softcover version of the book whilst continuing to permit the free PDF download. That version will then constitute v. 1.0.

The 5 step program and pledge form

In the end of the book there is a pledge form to fill out on practices that help you become a better friend and build better friendships.

The key is the five step program:

  1. I will at minimum match my time spent on Netflix and Co. with time spent with friends.
  2. I regularly try to invite my friends for lunch, dinner or a stay over.
  3. I will take more photos, give my friends gifts or write postcards and letters.
  4. I will choose two friendship potentials with whom I want to develop the friendship further over the next year.
  5. I will try to introduce friends of mine to each other (become a platonic cupid).

In addition there is a form with 20 further recommendations or suggestions. This form can be downloaded here for printing.

The Ebook

I also now published the E-book for those who insist on reading electronically on a 6” device. However I would like to make it clear that the book is better read either in the print edition or if your device has a screen of 9.7” or more with the free PDF version. Part of the flair of the book is the provision of the original quotes of e.g. Aristotle or the other authors, and thus providing contrast for reflection. However in the Ebook format all the footnotes are removed from the sight of the reader on the page and relegated behind links, thus substantially reducing the richness of the experience of reading. That having been said, if you generally want to get the overview and just want to read the main parts to get some ideas on how to improve your friendships and are not too keen on the research sections, the Ebook is very functional.

Where to buy

Here is a list of places where it is possible to buy the Softcover print or Ebook.