Privacy / GDPR

  1. The survey will collect data on your convictions and habits concerning maintaining friendships as well as some demographic variables
  2. The dataset is designed to be anonymous and should not allow to trace individual participants.
  3. The dataset will be deleted once the research project is over (hopefully within 2 years).
  4. As the data is anonymous, I can delete a survey response if you let me know the day you filled it out, gender, age and country of origin submitted within the demographic questions section.
  5. The data is hosted on the official Limesurvey servers, which are used for a variety of research projects (
  6. If you submit an email at the end, this will be used twice only – once immediately to give you a receipt of your submission, and once at some point in the future to let you know the final report/publication is completed.
  7. If you have further questions, please direct them to