I love movies, and think that movies (and series) tell a lot about the attitudes of a generation formed by them. So here is my list of favourite movies on Friendship.

This list is not exhaustive, but it also is lacking in several respects in diversity. First on cultures – I am missing movies from South America, Central Asia, Russia, China and many other cultures, and please feel free to message me if you have a recommendation in this direction.
Secondly whereas for men there are a number of movies celebrating friendship that guys can agree on, I did ask a few female friends on whether they agreed with the usual Top 10 lists published on the internet, and there was significant disagreement and very little convergence. So any recommendations of course would also be welcome for this.

Ronja Rövardotter

On IMDB: tt0088015
This is a fabulous book by Astrid Lindgren, and one of the few cases where the movie actually captures the essence and magic of the underlying book. Two kids from rival robber clans set out into the wild when they cannot bring their clans to make peace.

Star Trek

On IMDB: tt0079945/
Well – the iconic space series centered around the friendship trio of Kirk, Spock and Bones. Distinct in their personalities but bringing out the best in each other together.

The Jungle Book

On IMDB: tt0061852
Whilst the core topic is the return of Mowgli to his tribe, one of the beautiful lesson for kids is the capacity and willingness of Mowgli to strike up friendships on his way. For adults of course the macabre subcontext of the ‘We’re your friends’ song by the vultures is an additional chuckle most likely not paid attention to by the kids.

The Fire Punch Bowl

IMDB: tt0036818
Designed as one of the ‘Keep the War Spirit’ movies by Hitler in 1944, as the Allied Bombers were pounding German cities, this is nevertheless a wonderfully escapist and timeless movie much affamed and appreciated by many Germans even today. An achieved author sitting together with his elated circle of companies regrets that by just having private schooling, he missed out on the experiences and friendships formed during adolescence in a school, and decides to catch up.

Dil Chahta Hai

IMDB: tt0292490
Three friends of old live their deep friendship into young adult life, but then fall out over pride and negligence and go separate paths. Experiences made separately from each other show the importance of friendship to them, and in the end they reconcile. A deep celebration of friendship from Bollywood ! Gotta love it – watch it in the original with subtitles for full experience.


IMDB: tt0108778
The iconic TV Series that kept my generation delighted for 10 years. For all its criticism, I do the key ingredients – just spending a lot of time with each other and essentially accepting each others little issues with humour – cannot be overemphasised in our rushed and impatient culture.

Pippi Långstrump

IMDB: tt0366905
This is the second Astrid Lindgren movie on my list. A semi crazy, very self-confident and very strong girl (with its horse and monkey) befriends two calm children from next door and invites them to join her on her life of adventures.

Tommi (Pär Sundberg), Pippi (Inger Nilsson) and Anikka (Maria Persson) are very happy with their balloon trip: Image courtesy of ZDF und Taurus