Public Talk

I can give a short talk of say 20 minutes on good practices for maintaining friendships. This could precede a guided discussion in the audience or a Workshop. This short lecture however would be adjusted to the audience, e.g. would look quite different if I am talking to 12-18 year olds or 70 year olds, academics or a team in business talking about friends at work.

Academic lecture

If interested, I am happy to present the core content of the book as a guest lecture. This is not TED talk level entertainment, it is basically more a classical semi-academic powerpoint presentation for about 30-45 min and then Q&A.
As of October I will be working full time again, and will then only be able to do these outside European core working hours (9-6).

Core themes

  • Elements of the Friendship Framework (fast forward or detailled)
  • Friendship Process
  • Maintenance practices
  • The Needs-Role model
  • Friendship in Ageing
  • Recommendations for individuals and organizations
  • Research outlook

Best get in touch with me via email and we can take it from there.