The Friendship Survey

The goal of this site is to support a research project to look into how people in their adult life retain their key friendships, and for what reasons these friendships are stable and last. Of particular focus are the years when time is short because of work, children and other pressures. For this I have designed a survey questionnaire to analyze current friendship practices. For each full submitted set of the Personality Survey I will donate 10 EUR to the charity Deworm the World as an appreciation of your time.

The Friendship Personality Survey (English) is concerned with your personality, attitude and communication habits. It has 32 key questions, takes about 40 min on a PC/Laptop/Tablet and can be accessed here (Limequery is an opensource survey software used by a number of Universities). It however cannot be filled out on a smartphone.

It would be great if you could do both as well as pass the link on to friends and relatives, in particular it would be great to also have good data in the age bracket 50-80….
For the background of this research project, please have a look at the research plan page.

Thanks, Christian Langkamp