Friendship Research Institute

If the study or research of friendship is accepted as an interdisciplinary topic by itself, rather than as a subbranch of wellbeing science or sociology, it would be great for a friendship research institute to be established at some point.

I would see the model to emulate the think tank ‘Happiness Research Institute (HRI)’ by Meik Wiking up in Denmark, which does original research on the state of happiness around the world, as well as publishes the insights both by reports/studies as well as proper books for the general public.

This is going to be the brainchild which I will ponder about in the coming years, to see what setting or institutional attachment would be best. Unlike the HRI I do think a close attachment to a University with collaborative minded sociology, psychology and philosophy faculties would probably be best, with a small core staff but the ability to accommodate a number of associated fellows from the established faculties and institutes.

Fingers crossed.