Activities with and for Friends

If you think of your key five friends, when is the last time you

  • Phoned them and sustained a conversation with them for longer than 30 min
  • Met them over lunch / dinner/ …
  • Did a sports activity  or museum visit with them
  • Sent a postcard to them (handwritten postcards are great).

We have a few ideas on what kind of encounters are good to do with friends and help sustain the friendship, but ultimately these – without data – are just reasonable opinions. We want to put the data behind it.

Meanwhile we hope that you pledge to yourself to follow up with one of your friends on one of the activities listed above. It is important that we do not take our friends for granted, but that we keep the connection alive and cherish it !

PS: Re the postcard writing thing – I know it is a long time for some of us that we held a fountain pen in our hand and really wrote something, but it is a beautiful feeling.
There is however one piece of advice to writing – the goal is that the recipient of the has a chance of deciphering the message. You don’t have too make it too easy, but it should not be so that they need to post a photo of the postcard text on Facebook to crowdsource decryption skills to find out who sent it. If you are not confident about this, maybe watch this little video:

how to write in cursive – german standard for beginners